New HTML5 Game
2/5/2016 12:17 PM

Well it's been a while!  cheeky Since I created Alien Attack from Galzanoid I've been playing around in the Unity game engine but not much else game related, except for playing a ton of them!  

The old game making bug has hit again.  When I created my last game I didn't rely on a game engine.  Sure, that was great to get a good understanding of how HTML5 works, but it requires a lot of effort.  Because really you are making two things, a game engine and a game.  

This time around I'm going to pick a game engine to work with so that I can spend the majority of my focus on making a great game!  I think I'm going to create a demo in the engine just so I can make sure I've picked the right engine before I dive in completely.

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