A good looking HTML5 Game Framework
2/6/2016 6:42 PM

I've been looking at a lot of HTML5 game engines / frameworks and the first (and hopefully last) one that I'll be lookin at is Phaser.  It supports just about every game need that I can think of.  The comunity is very active and the project is still receiving updates, what more could you ask for!

I've just started diving into the documentation and tutorials but I think the basic idea is that the game loop calls the active state and preloads the assets.  After the assets are fully loaded it calls the render function.  There are a BUNCH more functions that you state can use but so far it makes sense.

By having the prerender option you can have a nice load screen.  I've seen many games that use this and even more that just load when ready.  Depending on the size of your game and the connections speed of the player this could take a while!  Hopefully I'll have my first game demo done soon!

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